I am an early career researcher based in Dublin, Ireland, and I am currently working as Assistant Professor in the School of Communications at Dublin City University.

My PhD research focused on analysing contemporary cultural representations of HIV/AIDS suffering in the English-speaking global North from screen to celebrity activism and activist campaigns. This was an ambitious and socially significant study discussing and analysing representations of HIV/AIDs suffering. The main argument advanced is that media texts which offer a multidimensional, humane and sympathetic portrayal of people living with HIV/AIDS will garner greater levels of empathy from mainstream audiences/general public and therefore result in wider support for policies and actions that benefit people living with HIV/AIDS. 

I am also engaged in research focusing on issues related to masculinities, their representation on mainstream media, and the significance of such representations for the sociocultural context within which they occur. Additionally, I write about representations of sex, with an interest in non-normative sex and the way this is framed and presented in cultural productions. Another area of interest to me has been the representation of gender and sexuality in published materials used in English language teaching contexts.